Air Quality Permits

This is a type of Pennsylvania state permit that is part of the Facility Plan Approval process required by the PA Department of Environmental Protection (PA DEP).

What Industry Wants

permission to install, construct, modify, or reactivate any air contamination sources

People Involved

Operators and PADEP officials.

Opportunities for residents to engage:

When an operator sends notice of intent to the municipality and county, a 30-day public comment period begins, as well as the possibility of a public meeting held by PADEP to discuss the proposal.



  • PADEP generally issues a decision within 180 days


  • PA Bulletin and local newspapers if required by the PADEP

Opportunities for Improvement

  • Extended public comment periods would make it easier for residents to ensure that proper air quality tests are completed, and that baseline data has been gathered.

Discussion of Step

Operator must submit plan approval application forms, compliance review forms, proof of municipal notice to town and county, and an application fee to the regional PADEP office. Written approval covers all sources of air pollution, process equipment, and air cleaning devices at the facility. Some plan approvals are automatically deemed exempt.

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