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Getting Started

Using The Fracking Help Center

How to find what you're looking for and improve the resource.

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Requesting Support

How to get support if you don't get answers from the resource center.

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Impacts of Oil & Gas

Assess Your Situation

Is your address in a danger zone from impacts?

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Health Impacts

Could you be experiencing health consequences of oil and gas chemical pollution?

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Economic Impacts

How is oil and gas development impacting your local economy and your finances?

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Environmental Impacts

What are the long term impacts on nature, wildlife, and natural resources?

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Property and Leases

What impacts does industry have on your property value, rights, and abilities?

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Neighborhood Impacts

What happens when oil and gas interests overlap with community relationships?

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Legal Protections

Legal Processes Overview

How to get the most from this info

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Zoning Overview

Introduction to zoning and its significance to fracking activity

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Zoning: Permits

What is the process to frack in communities with zoning?

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Zoning: Protective Language

How protective zoning rules can help prevent impacts of fracking

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Zoning: Broad Categories of Protective Language

Overview of the different categories of protective zoning language

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Zoning: Examples of Protective Language

Specific examples and further discussion of protective language types

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State Regulations and Permitting Process Overview

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State Regulations: Types of State Permits

Description of the most common permits issued for fracking activity

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Gateways to the groups, alliances, campaigns, coalitions, and nonprofits

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Donated help available for your efforts

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Tools and services to support your work

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Educational Resources

Getting up to speed to fight harms of fracking

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Community Organizing

Help for mobilizing and leading action.

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Connecting to others to halt the harms

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Tracking and Monitoring

Keeping an eye on industry

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