Category of Protections: Traffic and Miscellaneous

Important Note: Fracking development is often accompanied by a significant increase in truck traffic. One of the only ways to limit traffic patterns and traffic flow is by having local rules.

Type of Protective Language: Traffic or Road Requirements

What it is:

One type of study that can be required by ordinance is a traffic impact study. This is helpful because if the gas company completes the study, the municipality can determine the safest and least congested routes for truck traffic to take, without bearing the cost of the traffic study or bearing the cost of the ultimate congestion.

The municipality can require that predetermined truck routes are used or certain truck traffic schedules are created so that industry vehicles have the least impact on the municipality’s road infrastructure and traffic patterns. This helps to ensure safety of pedestrians and drivers.

For example:

Peter’s Twp.’s Mineral Extraction ordinance states:

The proposed hauling routes must be designed to minimize the impact on Township roads. The Township reserves the right to designate reasonable required truck hauling routes consistent with the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Code and Pennsylvania Department of Transportation throughout the Township.

Places with that type of language:

North Huntington - requires road survey
Churchill Borough - requires traffic study
South Strabane - truck traffic for certain types of activity may only occur between 7:00am and 7:00pm
Crescent Twp - traffic impact study
Forest Hills - traffic impact study or description of the plan for transportation
Penn Township *
Bell Acres - application must include information about the expected daily average number of vehicle trips to and from the site as well as Traffic Impact Study


Visual and Aesthetic Landscaping Standards

One way to help preserve the quality of life for residents who live near fracked gas infrastructure is by requiring gas companies take certain steps to address how much of an eyesore it ultimately becomes.

Places with that type of language:

Bell Acres
Forest Hills

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