Erosion & Sedimentation Control General Permit (ESCGP-2)

What Industry Wants

Permission to complete earth moving activities.

Opportunities for resident engagement

Residents can engage at the local zoning level only.

After the permit application is submitted, municipalities have 30 days to respond to Act 14 notices. There is no public participation process within PADEP (like public comment periods or hearings).


People Involved

  • DEP
  • Drill Operator
  • County conservation district
  • Local municipality
  • Adjacent municipality
  • County
  • Surface leaseholder


Usually at least a 60 day review period.

Application Received

Before the application is received, the operator must submit Act 14 notifications to the municipality, adjacent municipalities, and the county. Municipalities/counties have 30 days to respond from the time the permit application is received by PADEP.

Completeness Review

This review is highly variable, but it averages around a month to determine if the permit application is complete. E-facts gets updated to permit being complete: “The permit application package is complete, has been accepted, and is undergoing technical review.”

Technical Review

If the application is complete and technically-adequate on the first try, the application is given a permit decision guarantee and PADEP has 43 days to either issue or deny the permit. “The technical review and decision review are complete and either the permit decision and/or permit issuance are forthcoming.”


The applicant has been issued a deficiency letter. If applicable, this application no longer qualifies for the Permit Decision Guarantee. At this point the applicant can respond to the deficiencies.

Elevated Review Process

“Response to the deficiency letter did not satisfy information request. Permit application now subject to the Elevated Review Process.”

Permit Decision/Issuance

If approved, the status of the permit gets updated to “Issued on DATE.” Denied permits are listed as “Proposed But Never Materialized” or “Withdrawn”.

Opportunities for Improvement


Discussion of Step

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