If Your Community Does NOT Have Zoning: Adopt Other Types of Ordinances

If Your Community Does NOT Have Zoning:  Adopt Other Types of Ordinances

As the Delaware Riverkeeper Network (DRN) states in their excellent resource, Defending the Environmental Rights of PA Communities from Shale Gas Development: “In addition to zoning ordinances, municipalities may also consider regulating activities through other ordinances that take into account local environmental conditions and concerns.” Often times these ordinances can be created and passed more quickly than a zoning plan and therefore can provide helpful protections while a community is deciding on its zoning approach. The resource lists some examples of these ordinances such as:

Local officials can also adopt "resolutions" that set forth general policies.  Resolutions do not have quite the same authority as an ordinance but can still be helpful. See DRN's section entitled "Municipal Strategies: Adopting a Resolution" for more information.

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