Type of Protective Zoning: Pipeline Ordinances

Pipeline ordinances are an example of creating more protective zoning by including detailed ordinances that address specific kinds of fracking infrastructure

What it is

A large portion of fracked gas is transported through underground pipelines. A significant percentage of all fracked gas in the Marcellus region is exported and sold overseas. Pipelines are the most effective way to move the large quantities of gas to ports where they are ultimately put on ships and sent overseas.  

Pipelines that carry these highly  flammable gasses have been known to rupture and leak. Because of this, many areas are considering special ordinances to specifically set out rules for pipelines.

It is interesting to note that places that are not even within the Marcellus shale formation are considering protective pipeline ordinances because they are between the formation and major export hubs.

Places with that type of language

Independence Township

Selections from Independence Township’s “Oil and gas pipeline facilities” facilities ordinance:

§ 200-82 An operator desiring to construct pipeline facilities shall furnish to the Township copies showing evidence that it has obtained and maintains in good standing all required state and/or federal permits, including proof of bonding to operate pipelines, when such bonding is required. Any suspension or revocation of any required state or federal approvals or permits shall be reported to the Township immediately.


(5) The operator shall be responsible to grade, level and restore the property affected by pipeline facilities construction to the same surface condition, as nearly practicable, as existed before operations were first commenced within thirty (30) days after completion of the pipeline facilities.

(6) Pipeline facilities construction shall be limited between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m., except in the case of emergencies or after receiving Township approval for off hours.

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