Type of Protective Zoning: Injection Well Ordinances

This is a type of protective language involves how a certain type of frack-waste storage facilities are addressed in local zoning rules. For a discussion on similar types of protective ordinances see the section on specific aspects of fracking infrastructure

What is it

Injection wells are underground "wells" that gas companies use to store contaminated fracking waste. Because the wells are located underground, many residents throughout the region are concerned about the potential for injection wells to contaminate groundwater, which is also often drinking water. Injection wells have also been identified by the scientific community as a cause of earthquakes in areas that are not normally prone to them.

Places with that type of language

Penn Township*

Penn Township’s ordinance, titled “Standard for Locating Injection Wells Within The Township” includes many of the categories of protective ordinances included in this resource guide such as:

  • Requiring additional environmental analysis
  • Limiting the activity to certain zones 
  • Requiring traffic studies
  • And shifting financial burdens away from residents

  • *Although the linked document says it’s a draft, it is actually the final version.
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