Type of Protective Zoning: Seismic Testing Requirements

Seismic Testing Ordinances are an example of creating more protective zoning by including detailed ordinances that address specific kinds of fracking infrastructure.

What it is

Before drilling begins, gas companies may conduct seismic testing. They do this in order to determine how much natural gas is below the earth and get a better picture of where exactly it is located. Seismic testing is usually done by sending sound waves, in the form of very strong vibrations or even explosions from dynamite, into the ground and recording the information that is bounced back to the tester’s equipment. This is similar to the way that sonar detection functions.

As you may imagine, these powerful vibrations can be in incredibly noisy and intrusive. Many localities have adopted ordinances that specifically address seismic testing because of the disturbance it creates.

Places with that type of language

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