Type of Protective Zoning: Noise Limitations

This is a type of protective language that is sometimes referred to as “nuisance”.

Why You Want It

Fracking infrastructure can be incredibly noisy.  Developers may need or prefer to do certain activities throughout the night. Addressing noise in your ordinances is an excellent way to ensure that your community is not disturbed by pervasive construction noises that might sound like living next to a jet engine.

Some localities require that developers use buffers like acoustical blankets to mitigate the noise.  Some places generally prohibit noises that reach beyond a certain decibel level and require anyone who wishes to engage in activities above that level receive special permission. Other places have ordinances that simply restrict the hours in which particularly noisy development may occur.

Places with that type of language

Additional Thoughts

Some areas have noise ordinances that cover the entire locality, some have sections of their oil and gas ordinance that address noise, and some might have both. Survey the specific needs of your area to determine which might be best for your area.  

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