What If Your Community Does NOT Have Zoning?

Adopt Other Types of Ordinances

Adopt ordinances that force development to respond to unique environmental factors or community concerns. This can take the form of wetland or riparian buffers, stormwater management ordinances, or subdivision and land development ordinances.

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Create a Zoning Plan

If your community does not have a zoning ordinance, you can begin the process of creating one. By working with your neighbors and local government, you can pull the resources together to create a zoning plan that makes sense for your community.

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Pursue Other Legal Remedies

If the fracking development does not violate zoning, or your community does not have zoning, there are other legal avenues to push back. Examples of this may be nuisances or trespassing which cover physical and non-tangible intrusions – such as sounds or odors – that inhibits your right to quiet enjoyment of your property.

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Continue Monitoring & Documentation

If your community does not have protections through zoning, there are other online resources to give examples of unique ways to fight back on fracking.

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