Building Support for a Campaign

If you are starting a new campaign, or even just thinking about start organizing others to protect your community from the harms of oil and gas extraction, you could receive campaign support from Halt the Harm Network.  One of the services of the network is offered to help leaders in the network reach more people.

Starting a campaign

Starting to organize people to join you in taking a series of steps, is a "campaign."  While campaigns can be carefully planned and big in scale, they can also be really simple and very targeted.  Contact us to get started.  The leaders across Halt the Harm Network have decades of experience and are glad to help guide your effort large or targeted. They may even have groups and efforts that are already working the issue you are concerned about in your community.   

The threats and harms communities face from fracking and oil and gas development can be overwhelming.  Discussions of campaigns often start with "I need everyone to... I need a media coverage. If everyone knew what was going on..." .  while this may or may not be true, campaigns are really working plans based on the real resources and constraints we understand.  The best are very sharp planned pushes to channel passion, communications, and efforts to create specific change. Adding online engagement is best done when it is not added as a last-minute tactic to just boost attention. Online work needs to be super-focused because ultimately, the digital environment requires answers to three important campaign planning questions. 

  1. What is the message we will be working with? 
  2. Who are we reaching? What are they supposed to do with it?
  3. What is the change, in the end, this campaign will produce? How will you know it worked?

In the online work we do, people need a clear call to action, a landing page, updates, content, visuals, and clear reasons to participate.   The fundamentals of online work and offline campaigns are the same.  The team working on the campaign needs to have clear objectives, understandings of who needs to be engaged because they have the power to make the change you seek, and an online path to get the right messages to that target.  The best online support campaigns from leaders across Halt the Harm Network reflect a clear rationale and strategy that moves people to engage and influence others to advance along an overall plan. 

  But again, contact us (we love this part of the work with leaders! ) If you are looking for some guides to get your thinking going on the work, here is a favorite guide leaders and friends have used to develop plans.  *  - Use the interactive Smart Chart tool to guide your strategic communication plan.

Campaigns coordinated through the network take a variety of forms

There are almost 15,000 people we can reach via email to support campaigns around the U.S.  Some partners we work with can reach ten times what Halt the Harm Network has access to reach. With a campaign you can reach a group of supporters based on their zip code.  Working with Halt the Harm Network will help you reach more people in your area who would support your efforts to start a campaign. Here are some examples of campaign support provided by the network:

  • Creating a letter campaign or petition
  • Connecting leaders with specific resources and people to support their campaign
  • Providing webinar presentations to share your story or work
  • Mobilizing locally through targeted messages
  • Organizing a rally or event
  • Consulting on economic, legal, or media strategy
  • Connecting you with researchers and studies that can support your efforts

Get Help With Your Campaign

Connect with an experienced member of the network who can learn more about your campaign and provide support.

Visit to learn more and share your campaign idea. 

Halt the Harm Network is involved in providing this help desk, so leaving a message here is a great way to get in touch with leaders involved who can work with you on your campaign idea.

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