Air Quality Monitoring

There are tools available that allow you to monitor the air quality in your own home, which can help you establish baseline health information as well as report violations that may occur.

One valuable resource is SWPA-EHP’s page on unconventional oil and gas development’s impacts on air quality and how you can monitor it. On this website you’ll find a list of tools to use from Speck monitors to SUMMA canisters, as well as useful tips and factsheets on how you can implement everyday habits to make sure your air is as healthy as possible.

Earthworks’ Community Empowerment Project is a powerful tool that provides communities the best available technology to expose toxic fracking air pollution. Thanks to generous Earthworks supporters, they have a FLIR GasFinder 320 camera, the same kind used by industry and government agencies to detect leaks and chronic pollution. While this kind of equipment can be incredibly expensive, there are ways to request it to come to your community.

Clean Air Council is also currently developing low-cost air quality monitors. Click here to learn more about getting a monitor.


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