FracTracker Alliance

FracTracker Alliance studies and creates maps, while advocating the risk of oil and gas development to protect our planet and support the renewable energy transformation.

Services provided by FracTracker include:

  • Oil and gas-related data analyses and mapping
  • Customized maps upon request
  • Presentations on oil and gas issues
  • Training for use of maps
  • Internship opportunities for college students
  • Class projects and research collaborations for colleges and universities
  • Data collection opportunities via public participation projects
  • Free newsletters for the general public and media
  • Social media feeds
  • Calendar of events
  • Photo and video library, free to use for non-commercial purposes (cite author)
  • Oil and Gas 101 informational resource
  • Periodic field tours hosted for the media, researchers, students, and general public

Visit their website for more information.

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