Organize in the Community

One of the most effective ways to address potential or existing natural gas infrastructure in your area is to start organizing in your community.  Pushing back on an industry with your community is always better than working alone.  Organizing can build power by bringing together local residents who wish to make a change for the benefit of themselves and their communities.

In order to help individuals who are just getting started with community organizing, Protect Our Children Coalition has created the Organizing ABCs: A Guide to Protecting Our Schools and Communities from Shale Gas Development.

The guide has been compiled by a network of residents who have spent years organizing people fighting shale gas infrastructure threats and harms in their own communities.  The Organizing ABCs: A Guide to Protecting Our Schools and Communities from Shale Gas Development covers topics ranging from how to participate in local and state government to fundraising.

When starting to organize, it also helps to connect with others that are also organizing people in your region and all the allies dedicated to helping provide advice and insights. To see who may be organizing in your area, or providing services to you please take a look at Halt the Harm Network's Leadership Directory

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