Resource For Your Website

Halt the Harm Network and FracTracker both offer tools that you can add directly to your organization's website. 

  • Fracking Resource Center "Beacon"
  • The FracTracker Alliance Map

Contact us if you would like support adding these integrations or any other website questions you may have.

Adding the Fracking Resource Center Beacon to your website

As this help desk grows to include more answers to questions about fracking and related issues, organizations are starting to add the help desk to their website as a resource for readers. 

Adding beacon to your website provides an icon (you can choose the color), and your choice of suggested help documents. You can change the suggested documents based on the readers you serve with your website.

To add the beacon to your website, leave us a message and tell us about your website.

Embedding the Alliance Map

The FracTracker Alliance map can be embedded directly on your website, making it possible for readers to search the map directly and access the contact information they need to add or update the map. 

Visit to grab the embed code:

You can embed both of these tools on your website – and if you want support adding them please contact us and we'd be happy to help.

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