Funding Campaigns

Funding Through Mini-Grants

There are some mini-grants programs that are geared towards supporting grassroots organizing around fracking.  You can apply for funds to help cover costs of printing signs and flyers, renting venue space for community meetings, and much more.


Crowdfunding is one of the best ways for community groups to build support, participation, and get the funding they need to win. It’s also challenging without a network to call on for support.

You can work with Halt the Harm Network to get support on your upcoming crowdfunding campaign – or even to talk through ideas you have about running a campaign. Contact a leader in the network by leaving a message here in the help center, or visit the crowdfunding page on to share your idea. 
You will learn what tools to use, how to get media for your campaign, and other resources available. Everyone’s fundraising needs are unique, and that’s where we come in to help talk through your specific needs. 
Halt the Harm’s crowdfunding service involves one­ on ­one strategy and support to Leaders who apply for the service. If it’s the right approach, we will provide a start­up kit that will give advice and resources to create a solid platform to start your campaign.
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