What to do if your property is situated above shale gas

Here are three steps you can take to assess the risks of industrial impacts if your property is situated above shale gas.

  1. Check the ownership of your mineral rights
    • If your property is leased : Know your rights as a leaseholder
    • If your property is NOT leased :
      • Should you sign a lease?
  2. Begin gathering baseline data
  3. Understand the industry:
    • As you work to protect your property, also start to prepare yourself and your local community to deal with development pressure from industry

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  • Keep in mind, there have been reports of falsified water testing sources, so be aware of which lab you go to in order to receive your results.
  • Demand results. You have the right to know the state of the land, air, and water on and near your property in order to make sure you and your family are safe before, during, and after gas and oil activity.
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