Finding Facebook Ad Campaign Support

Do you use Facebook to build attention for your work and campaigns?  Many large groups and political campaigns have been leveraging online social media to advance their causes for years. Here is an introduction to ways anyone can start. 

The power of the data owned by Facebook enables advertisers to target very specific audiences. The tools are available to run very cost-effective efficient campaigns starting with a few hundred dollars to target small geographic targets.
If Facebook can be used by the largest campaigns and the local pizza parlor, you can leverage it too.  Facebook organizing work can be powerful in the hands of people fighting the harms from fracking and gas development.
Visit for more details and to complete an application.

How to Target on Facebook

The powerful feature in Facebook Ads is the ability to target an audience based on location, certain interests or affiliations. When you can target your audience you can quickly find people who will support you but wouldn't otherwise know about your work.
Here are some possible criteria;
  • People who like…
  • People with associations…
  • People within [number] miles from [your zip code]
When you arrange for Facebook Ads Campaign Support, you will be able to really focus the audience you'd like to target, then work with an expert who can help set up the campaign.

We can help you run a successful Facebook Ads Campaign

  • Identify the goals of your campaign
  • Identify your target audience and timeline
  • Create draft campaign images and messages
  • Run and monitor the campaign
As part of this service, you can have up to $200 of an ad buy toward your campaign provided by Halt the Harm, plus expert consultation. There is a limited number of opportunities for Facebook Campaign Support from Halt the Harm Network, so contact us to see if you're eligible and apply. 
If you have questions, use the chat to send us a message, or complete the  Facebook Campaign application to get started at
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